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Manufacturing Sector is Looking Up

With Manufacturing having gone through a tough time in the US and many other countries over the past few years, where does that leave improvement strategies for manufacturing companies? Is there still a place for organizations like APICS? What are the roles of Lean and Six Sigma in driving competitive advantage for manufacturers? Answers to these questions depend very much on where Manufacturing is going.

So ... what are the trends worldwide? I did a search of news items around "manufacturing growth" for August and this is what I found:

From CNN Money
USA - The nation's manufacturing sector grew at a faster pace in July, according to a survey of industry executives released Monday that contained lots of good news for Wall Street expectations.
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From Bloomberg
GERMANY - German unemployment fell to the lowest in almost two years and European manufacturing expanded at close to the fastest pace since 2000, bolstering arguments the European Central Bank will raise interest rates this week to bring inflation under control.
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From Reuters India
INDIA - India's manufacturing sector will need massive investment of $135 billion over the next five years if it is to support economic growth of more than 8 percent, the commerce and industry minister said on Wednesday. More ...

From Shanghai Daily
CHINA - CHINA'S manufacturing growth fell to a five-month low in July as companies trimmed production and overseas and local orders eased. More ...

From Financial Times
UNITED KINGDOM - Continued improvement in export markets helped UK manufacturers register a twelfth consecutive month of growth in July, a period of expansion that has encouraged them to take on more workers. More ...

From Independent Online Business Report
SOUTH AFRICA - South African manufacturing growth accelerated to an annual 6.1 percent in June, the fastest pace since December 2004, as the rand's plunge against the dollar fuelled exports and made imports more expensive. More ...

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