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Project Management Resources

Here are a few Project Management Resources on the web that I have found useful recently. I will add to this item as I find others. Feel free to send me links that you have found useful.

The Project Management Institute is the grandaddy of all PM sites. This is the 'duh' site for PMs where you get information on events, 'know-how' and certification - and so I have included it here.


Association for Project Management is the UK-based PM association. They have a good site with links to great PM resources. They have recently released the 4th edition of the APM Body of Knwoledge to APM non-members.


Ever looked a template for a project deliverable. Ganttheat has great resources for PMs, including good documents & templates to accelerate your project documentation.


The Project Management Podcast
Cornelius Fichtner, PMP does a great job with this Blog. He seems to work hard to get the latest and greatest from the PM world, and so this Blog has useful links to PM resources and relevant news. I enjoy the Podcast as well.


IT toolbox - Project Management Knowledge Base.

ITtoolbox is a great knowledge base for IT topics in general and specifically around IT Project Management. They also have a Wiki which helps to grow their knowledge base. Good stuff.


TechLINKS is an online technology magazine focused on Georgia businesses (they also have a print edition). They have a Community Publishing area where you will find some interesting items on Project Management too.


Mario Alexandrou is a IT PM based in New York who has a nice website. His Methodologies page is a good primer for IT methodologies.



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The Project Management Podcast™ said...

Thank you so much for mentioning "The Project Management Podcast" and blog on your site. It is highly appreciated. It is this kind of feedback that encourages me to continue!

Cornelius Fichtner, PMP