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Relationship Selling - "Going for the Green"

"Going for the Green: Selling in the 21st Century" is a "how-to-book" written in the form of a novel about golf. So, it can be read as this - a story of a single mother who, suddenly about to lose her job through no fault of her own, discovers a new world of unrealized opportunity.

Or, you can read this book as a learning tool about how to use your relationships within your organization and with your clients and vendors, to succeed in selling your products or services.

The author, Doug Peterson, uses golf analogies to keep the reader engaged in the process of learning how to deal with challenges in making sales numbers. He asks the questions, and educates the reader through the storyline, about the process of Relationship Selling.

The book includes some practical advice, which includes:

  • "Studying the Links". What do you need to know about your customer?
  • "Playing out of the Rough". Once you have gathered useful information about the client, how do you analyze and process that information to be successful?
  • "Changing your Game". Are you product-focused, or customer-focused?
  • "Course Management". How do you develop a relationship strategy in order to build an effective plan?
  • "Grip it and Rip it". Can you sell your solution within your own organization?
  • "The Approach Shot". How do you 'win' the opportunity?
  • "On the Green". How to manage the new strategy?

The book concludes with advice on getting "In the Cup" and "Turning Pro".

A good, and easy read - whether you enjoy golf stories, or want to learn more about Relationship Selling.

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